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St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School in Preston invited Strive for Excellence to their Send a Friend to School fundraiser. (St Gregory is the patron saint of musicians, singers – and rather appropriately – students and teachers.)

After a tour of the school (including the ‘Kenya corner’) with head girl Mariyah and head boy Adam, afternoon assembly took place in the playground and featured songs and (short) speeches and dedications.

We were then presented with a cheque for a whopping £490, which the children raised in a bring-and-buy sale. The children also donated a further £70 earlier this year. That’s enough to cover the expenses for 8 lucky children at Shalom Academy for the whole year.

One last, precious gift was a scrapbook with self-portraits and dedications from every one of St Gregory’s 210 children. We know that Shalom Academy children will be wonderfully surprised and can’t wait to show it to them in January next year.