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Support Education in Kenya

Private donations from UK taxpayers can be claimed against income tax. We can also claim 25% Gift Aid from the government, so if you donate £100, we get an extra £25.

Choose one of the following to help educate a child today:

  • New term school supply set – (pens, pencils, ruler, eraser, pencil case, crayons, maths set, calculator, 3 exercise books, backpack/satchel) £25
  • Computer tablet loaded with Kenya syllabus £84
  • School lunches – per month for the whole school £65
  • Set of text books £30
  • School fees – one year £70
  • 5 desks £100
  • Cook salary – one year £250
  • Teacher salary – one year: £375
  • Headteacher salary – one year £550
  • Teacher training (2-year course) £950
  • A new classroom – speak to us about partnership

What Our Supporters Say

  • ‘I have known of this project from the beginning and am impressed by the commitment and dedication of all involved. I wish it every success in the future.’
  • ‘Such important work, educating the future generations, and it’s nice to have some personal connection to a project rather than donating to a large NGO where you never see what happens to your funds!’
  • ‘Good luck with your teacher training, Vitalis.’
  • ‘Someone once told me that “Education is never wasted.” This small donation is to support school fees for 4 young people, to bring them closer to realising some of their hopes, dreams and potential. With love and good luck!’
  • ‘Shalom!’
  • ‘Best wishes and Good luck for this wonderful school build project.’
  • ‘Thank you for helping these lovely children.’
  • ‘Great work and I hope you reach the new classrooms target – every good wish.’
  • ‘Thank you for inviting us to be a part of this wonderful venture.’
  • ‘I think it’s such a good project which will benefit for years ahead – best of luck with it all.’
  • ‘I’m so glad to be supporting the future.’
  • ‘Fantastic project! Good luck raising the funding for the new classrooms.’

Leaving a gift in your will can transform the lives of many people not just a few. Legacies help us plan for the future and ensure more children than ever get an education. To find out more on legacy donations, please click here.