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UK–Kenya Schools Partnerships

We have had wonderful support from four primary schools:

They have raised funds for specific projects, donated school supplies and written pen letters to the children at Shalom Academy to help them learn English.

What do your pupils get in return? Partner with us and they will…

  • gain insight about how children their own age live and learn in rural Kenya
  • expand their world view
  • develop their empathy for other cultures
  • work as a team to raise funds for good causes
  • discover how to change the lives of others
  • learn how to make a difference in the world

Get in touch if you would like your school to partner with us.

Rotary & other clubs

We have enjoyed terrific support from member organisations such as Rotary clubs. Their interest has inspired us to create links with the Rotary Club of Kakamega.

Our trustees have a great story to tell and are always available to give talks to your members. Invite us to your next meeting.

Business support

We wouldn’t be where we are without the huge support—both financial and practical—we get from business and private individuals. We sincerely appreciate all the help from these special businesses:

If you have something to offer and think you may be able to help us, get in touch.