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… so said William Wordsworth.

For confirmation of Wordsworth’s assertion, we need look no further than a poem OUR head girl, 10-year-old Deborah Buzanzi, wrote about her environment, a subject she feels deeply about. (And it also demonstrates how well her English is coming along.)

T H E  P U S H

In our city there is no push
But there is many rubbish heaps
Big enough to make a hill with
No care for cleanness

Who will make a push?
The president or the governor?
The senator or the MCA?
Who will make a push?

We have clean water
But water is not clean water
Because it carries germs
Water is drying at the source
Who will protect the source?

From tree on hill
Down to the river
Is it county workers or a police officer?
Is it our parents or ourselves?
Who will make a push?