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OK. No wine in this post…

I promised a picture of the water babe, Ms Carroll. This is the best shot I could get before the lens steamed up!

The hot springs at Kapishya Lodge are located in a Garden of Eden in northern Zambia where there are two farms off the Great North Road, created by a British family at the turn of the last century. One features a brick-built mansion (locals call it a castle); the other a lodge.

After a long drive — and passing the 4,000 kms mark — we were relieved to arrive at the farm entrance, a shoddy fence watched over by a couple of families who live on the land. We then realised that the farm lodge was 32 kilometres further on a dirt road. Now that’s what you call a long gravel drive!

The hot springs were a few paces away from our thatched chalet, so we immediately scuffed down there in our flip-flops and eased gently into 40 degree water. Then the heavens clouded over briefly and we were showered in beautiful warm rain. All that was missing was a nice glass of something chilled.