Bottle of Red

By 31st December 2015news

Wine is getting harder to come by — the horror; the horror — and when it does arrive, it is served at, shall we say, ambient temperature. Currently, that means 38 degree C (100F in old money). The only solution is to bring a bowl of ice. Surprisingly refreshing.

After staying at a terrific lodge in Harare, we didn’t want to leave Zim. But the journey has to keep going. Incidentally, the rumour on the street was that ‘The Old Man’ (Mugabe) had died. But it was only a much wished-for rumour. His parents lived to be over 100, so he might be around for a few more years yet.

We spent the next night near the Zim-Zam border, on Lake Kariba, where we found probably the last hotel with any spare rooms — New Year is a popular time to take the family lakeside.

We should see in the new year in Zambia’s capital, Lusaka. Hope they have wine fridges. Cheers!

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