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February 2023

A New Uniform is all it Takes

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It was New Uniform Day (NUD) once again in January – giving polo shirts to new pupils or replacing tattered ones for our old ones. The older children also got navy blue trousers or skirts. And very smart they look too.

The well turned out pupils are walking advertisements for the school. We always have new parents arrive the day following NUD who saw our pupils walking home and want their own child to join our gang.

Sometimes a gentle (and very colourful) reminder that school has begun is all it takes.

Travel Without Moving Your Feet

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They say books let you travel without moving your feet.

If that’s true, our pupils will be doing a lot more travelling in the upcoming term after we made substantial additions to the school’s resource room in January 2023. As the registration increases we have to supplement the number of text books in all subjects in order to keep the ratio of books to children at a reasonably high level.

The picture shows (on the right) the second wall of shelves built to house the new books.