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February 2022

One good teacher can change the world

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They say one good teacher can change the world, but what about half a dozen!

Here are some of our new and well-established teachers – left to right: Debra, Nobert, Mike, Gladys, Vitalis and, in front, Terry.

Long time no see

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After an enforced absence of 2 years, it was great to return to Irovo in January 2022 and catch up with all the teachers, pupils and parents at Shalom Academy.

Despite our absence, infrastructure improvements are evident. Concrete floors have been laid in the last 3 classrooms (all 8 now have clean, even and red floors), and there are also new latrines for teachers. A new concrete water tank has been built next to the kitchen which should make cooking a little easier during the wet months.

To add to the progress, we brought books, stationery and sports/play equipment from Lancashire, which looks great in the resource room. We also brought a stack of regulation sky blue polo shirt uniforms.

The pictures show board member and charity founder Olive with new teacher Terry Museni.