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November 2015

Carnet de Passage

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When travelling through most of Africa it is advisable to have a carnet de passage, a sort of passport for the car. It proves that your stay in the foreign country is only temporary and that you will return to the car’s country of origin — in this case, South Africa.

It was a big day when it arrived. No turning back now.

Kenya here we come.

The Sting

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It must be getting warmer in Cape Town. We’ve had a visit to our garage from the first scorpion of the season.

Better check the bed each night before getting in!

Moment of Celebration

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One question everyone has been asking is: ‘How are you going to get all those school supplies from Cape Town up to Irovo school in Kenya?’

Well, here’s the answer. A big white beast who was quickly Christened “Big Mo”. (The one with the silver bumper. The one on the right.)

We bought the Toyota 4X4 (much more popular than Land Rovers throughout Africa) in the wine region of Stellenbosch, then took out the third row of seats and folded down the second row to reveal a cavernous space in which we can load up all the supplies generously donated by friends, colleagues and Africaphiles.

We couldn’t resist raiding the wine cellar to celebrate. Any excuse.

Safe & Sound

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We arrived in Cape Town in early October, and it wasn’t long before I received a call from the shipping company at the docks saying that they had a shipment of 37 boxes with my name on them. Could they deliver today? Yes, please.

Everything arrived safe and sound — even the three guitars, which were beautifully packed by Ms Carroll — and were stacked in our garage. Ready to be sorted. Just like Christmas.